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Raj Bhardwaj BKF Tournament Organiser

Raj Bhardwaj - BKF Tournament Organiser

Raj gained his 3rd Dan in 2016, having trained since 1980 – originally in Shotokan and latterly in Wadokai.

 He is at the helm of Hei Jo Shin; a growing, multi-discipline Association with clubs in Leicester (Shotokan) and Worcester (Wadokai). The Association is based out of Diamond Dojo (a dedicated, fully-equipped 400m2 Karate venue) and has two aspects to its mission:

1) At a national level, to bring together world class Karate coaches with the most promising students. (Diamond Dojo regularly welcomes the EKF for both Kata and Kumite training).

2) At a local level, to offer weekly Karate classes of the highest standards; developing world class competitors as well as a new generation of excellent Karate-ka from white belt onward.

 Raj has also volunteered to run local, national and international tournaments for a number of years; culminating in the honour of being appointed as the BKF’s Tournament Organiser in 2018.

 He has accumulated circa 60 medals – including a run of podium finishes at the FEW European Championships every year from 2011-2016 (with golds in Venice in 2011, England in 2014 and Belgium in 2016). He also won a gold at the BKF International Open in 2018.