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Jordan Thomas, WKF World Champion

British Karate Federation International Open 2017 Update

Karate in the Olympics


France v England video

An international friendly competition consisting of France v England was held on Saturday 4th October 2014 in St Prix. The whole event was filmed and the video can be found here.

British International Open 2014 video

A video was produced from the live stream that was setup at the British International Open 2014. You can view the video below.

Ray Morcomb demonstration

On Friday, as a reward for his sensational win at the first demonstration competition in Paris, Ray Morcomb was asked to perform his kata Unsu, in front of a 17,000 crowd.

Ray demonstrated his kata in such a way that even the kata experts present were amazed at his performance. He was given a standing ovation lasting over 5 minutes for this never before seen performance by a person so visually impaired.

Ray, and the other 35 participants of Karate for persons with disabilities, were superb and the high respect they got from everyone will be a great motivation and a huge step forward for this category.